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A Noise Rock Record Label based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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The Mons

Chicago has always had a strong relationship with punk rock, and the members of The Mons have been there for the better part of it. Comprised of ex-members of Apocalypse Hoboken, The Arrivals, The Mashers and Lynyrd’s Innards, The Mons walk the line between snotty ’77-esque punk and classic early 80s hardcore.

John Mourlas

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Milwaukee’s Static Eyes joins the TEI family.

Milwaukee has had a strong relationship with garage rock since the mid-to-late ’90s, and this tradition lives on nearly two decades later. Go out on a Friday or Saturday night and you’re very likely to catch at least one band keeping it simple and gimmick free; a refreshing change from some of our city’s more flashy acts. Static Eyes are […]

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Guerrilla Ghost
First 200 Days

“First 200 Days” is a compilation of songs released within the first 200 days of Donald J. Trump’s presidency, starting on Inauguration Day. Tracklisting: Make AmeriKKKa Great Again Tomi Lahren Better Shut Her Mouth… Sound of Da Police Gratitude Warning This One That One Too lyrics and vocals by C. Jones guitars, programming, and additional […]

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Guerrilla Ghost

  • 12/31/17 Milwaukee, WI at Private Residence

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War Brides

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