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High Priests

RIYL: Mclusky, KEN mode, Metz, Frodus, The Icarus Line, Hot Snakes, Brainiac & The National Acrobat

When it comes to rock and roll, less is more. A trio, when done correctly, can be an absolute exemplification of this. Everyone from ZZ Top to Motörhead to Husker Du showed us how much of a racket that could be made by just three people . In an age of acts filled with too many amps, effects and t-shirt designs, it’s refreshing to see artists who embrace a more minimal approach to music making. Enter Chicago noise rock trio High Priests.

Coming together in the fall of 2013 with former and current members of The Brokedowns, Wide Angles and Post Child, the members of High Priests bonded over their mutual love of bad jokes, blunts and frequent viewings of the Karp documentary. With no immediate goals in mind, the band set out to simply play noisy and discordant music that was far removed from their current projects. Now after over four years of writing, rehearsing and playing live, High Priests are preparing to release their debut full length this Spring.

Their forthcoming LP Spinning was engineered at Kildare Studios by Joe Gac (of Meat Wave). The album boasts a bombastic production value, showcasing the songs with a spaciousness that perfectly fits their arrangements. Spinning accomplishes the rare feat of finding a balance between a lo-fi basement recording and something on the more professional end of the sonic spectrum, resulting in an album filled with equal parts grit and clarity.

Opener “Control” wastes no time establishing the High Priests sound, with drummer Mustafa Daka relentlessly bashing his drums with a Grohl-like enthusiasm. Bassist Justin Gutierrez provides an angular and looping bassline while guitarist and vocalist Mike Alesi pushes his voice to it’s absolute limit while providing the song with smart and memorable guitar lines. “Night Train” exhibits the band’s penchant for letting a song breathe and build, with a free and easy middle passage that showcases their ability to build a song up, tear it down and build it up once again in less than three minutes. Album closer “All You” finds the band at their most Touch & Go-esque, recalling some of the label’s more memorable late ’80s and early ’90s roster. The mathematical precision and groove of the song is certain to please fans of that particular label as well as era contemporaries like Polvo and Hoover.

All of us at Triple Eye Industries are thrilled to include High Priests as part of our continually growing roster. Welcome to the family, guys.

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12/16/17 Chicago, IL Subterranean United States
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: $8. Age restrictions: No Minors. Address: 2011 W North Ave. Venue phone: (773) 278-6600. w/ Plaque Marks, Something Is Waiting, & War Brides More information

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