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Test presses for Volunteer’s “goner” EP have arrived!


We just received our test pressings of the Volunteer “goner” 10″ today from United. Our rep asked us if we wanted to get them on translucent red with smokey black swirls or just plain black. We asked for black vinyl, he said it would likely get through the plant faster. But, on second thought, he wanted us to get them done on the color, since it could introduce a little noise (we didn’t notice any) and we should give it a listen.

The cool part, is instead of adding the smokey black swirls, they’re simply translucent red. This means, not only are they test pressings, they’re also their own unique color!

We’re sending off a test press this week to Justin at Forge Again so he can give it a listen. I really love this whole process. It takes forever, but when you’re listening to one of five copies in the whole world of your yet-to-be-released record – you can’t help but smile.

Can’t wait for band practice tonight. Stoked!

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