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Hot Coffin release new music video, and it’s GREAT.

The boys in Hot Coffin debuted their new video over at Milwaukee Record.

Vocalist, Chris Chuzles had this to say about the experience:

Shooting at the historic Oriental Theatre in Milwaukee was a dream of mine. The director, Jed, and myself spent many, many years working there, and the location has truly haunted me ever since. Especially, the basement, where we shot the second half of the video.

The director, Jed Schlegelmilch first approached us about making the video. I’ve known Jed since we were twelve years old. Together, we went from elementary school all the way to film school. Our guitarist Christian Hansen, Jed, and I talked extensively about what this video could be. Knowing Jed’s eye and acumen of the horror genre, there was no one we’d rather have direct this video.

Fun Fact: We didn’t set out to kill anyone. Due to a scheduling conflict, our drummer (Jon Kraft) wasn’t able to make it to the second day of shooting. And with our tight time and budget constraints, we kind of had to think on our feet as to how to keep the production going on schedule. It wasn’t an easy call, but we had the same actor who plays “Creeper Jon” (Kevin DeMars) put on my shirt, face the other way, and play a stand-in for Jon’s corpse. Again, we weren’t planning a death, so the director ran to the vending stand of the theater and made a fake blood concoction of cocoa, raspberry syrup and water. I don’t know if we fooled anyone, but I’d like to think that we did.

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