Triple Eye Industries

A Noise Rock Record Label based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Triple Eye Industries secures The Black Birch for PR

theblackbirchPRWe are proud to announce that we’ve secured The Black Birch freelance PR for the Volunteer “goner” EP. Bariann and Peter will be doing a full service two-month campaign prior to our our first “official” release. Bariann brings her extensive PR background (she used to work for Earache Records!) to help out a fledgling label like our own. We’re beyond stoked.

Black Birch has worked with labels like Halo of Flies Records (Protestant, Northless Primitive Man, Light Bearer, Fall of Efrafa), Skeletal Lightning (Enabler, Estates, Scowler, Locktender) and Riot House (Buildings, Rough Francis).

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