Triple Eye Industries

A Noise Rock Record Label based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Minneapolis’ Buildings and Milwaukee’s Volunteer have been hard at work in their respective cities, each crafting their distinct brand of dissonance over the course of the last few years. They join forces on this concise but substantial release, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. With a release date set for August 26, you can preorder the release now on clear with blue splatter, opaque yellow or traditional black vinyl. Get it before its gone.

Mastered by Justin Perkins for Mystery Room Mastering
Layout and design by Martin Defatte
Screenprinted by Francisco Ramirez
Landscape Photography by Chris Combe
Passenger Manifest scanned by Andrew Baker


  1. Buildings – Something Better
  2. Buildings – Burlap
  3. Buildings – Snake
  4. Volunteer – Dainty Hoof
  5. Volunteer – Walk
  6. Volunteer – Wrong

Buildings side:
Recorded and mixed by Knol Tate at The Pall Mall
All songs by Buildings except Snake by PJ Harvey

Volunteer side:
Recorded and mixed in Feb/March 2016 by Martin Defatte
All songs by Volunteer
Live Photography by Chuck Marshall

Pressing info:
5 test pressings
59 clear w/ blue splatter
104 on opaque yellow
156 on black

Buildings / Volunteer

split 12"

available formats: 12 inch, digital
release date: August 26, 2016


Their (Buildings) side of the ep starts out with drum beats and a few seconds later melodic guitar leads are added onto t he recording along with some post hardcore style vocals and all of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them and after awhile the music starts bringing in the heaviness of noise rock along with the energy of punk and the songs also stick to either a slow or mid paced musical direction, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover real life themes. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Something Better" and "Snake".

Their (Volunteer) side of the split starts out with a very heavy yet melodic sound while also mixing in elements of sludge and all of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to t hem and after awhile aggressive yet spoken vocals are added onto the recording and all of the songs stick to a very slow yet heavy musical style and when guitar leads are utilized they add more melody onto the recording, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover real life themes. RECOMMENDED TRACK "Walk".

In conclusion I feel this is a very great sounding split and if you are a fan of noise rock, you should check out this ep. 8 out of 10.

If your a fan of Amrep, Touch and GO, Darker 4AD and Alt Tentacles release then your in for a field day of fun. Buildings are a mix of Pixies and Jesus Lizard this band has me in total bliss right now as that off center melodic noise rock sound is something that myself and Steve Albini just go nuts over and if you listen you will see why. This is everything you want in a kick as rock band.

Volunteer is a creature of the same skin with a very very different inside they are more abbrasive and caustic in presentation. Where Buildings want you to be part of madness and chaos they give to the world. Volunteer will beat the shit out of you and make you thank them in the process. Volunteer are a mix of Unsane, Helmet and Melvins. If you know those bands then you will see how the darkness is much stronger with them.

Both bands kick major ass and work fantastic on a split release if I was to say anything it just matters what mood I'm in which I like more at the time. They both need proper albums and asap...

Clint Listing, Absolute Zero Media

...the band uses interesting structures and thick grooves to eventually split to make it worth listening to. Volunteer is clearly more focused on post-metal, with an edge of punk, and the music is thus also significantly slower, but has a good atmosphere and a constructive sound. The overall sound of the band is clean, especially for noise rock, but the riffs speak even more... The elements of noise rock are reasonable doses, as can be heard in a number of sections of valve Wrong where hyperactive, dissonant guitars quite suddenly emerge.

It seems as if Buildings have very little to say about their particular ‘art’ while Volunteer just say it how it is. Although both band’s music is done in a similar vein, it is clear to see that Volunteer hold the edge and have their noses to the proverbial grindstone, whereby Buildings don’t seem to be going anywhere fast!

RAMzine Star Rating: Buildings 2.5/5
RAMzine Star Rating: Volunteer 4.5/5

Pagan Hel,

Opening with a brilliant piece of noise-rock in 'Something Better', American trio Buildings comes up with one of the best things in the genre I've heard this year. The other two tracks are just as much dissonant delight, bringing everything from Unsane over Godflesh to The Jesus Lizard to mind. Fellow countrymen Volunteer add a few hints of sludge to the whole noise-rock sound, perfectly completing this already stunning split. This is something for fans of Vandal X, Today Is The Day and Neurosis, maybe, probably. I don't know. This is noise-rock perfection...

Merchants of Air

Opening track Something Better is a brief slice of discordant alt rock, it’s a fine warning shot that just makes this Split hit the ground running with it’s brutal pounding beat and abrasive guitar riffs, the next two tracks are almost the equal of it and the first three rounds of this EP have all hit the mark. The second half of this Split opens in an even more aggressive fashion, Volunteer make an intense and heavy assault on the senses, if Buildings were the opening burst of shock and awe then Volunteer are the tank that crashes into your living room. They are angry, loud and heavy, very heavy. The guitars are pulverising distorted numbers that don’t relent until the final cymbal has faded away the end of the final track.

AJ Phink,

Buildings, we love them. Each output is avidly monitored. These three new titles are new to disappoint. Certainly nothing new under the sun of sharp and clever noise-rock of Buildings but the class and expertise always live. Something Better and Burlap are two unpublished slamming. Inspired guitar lines (including a passage would be to remember Jesus Lizard on Something Better ), strong but flexible rhythmic foundation, aggressiveness and well placed as choruses come pick up the pompom. Buildings The trio continues to build an elegant and majestic architecture to rise to the noise gratin. And put a few pegs in Metz which has better watch out. Remains one. It is a recovery and it may seem surprising since resumed Buildings PJ Harvey with Snake , a piece of the second album Rid Of Me , which you can taste the irony heard singing the words with a frightful male who has a funny reptile between the thighs.

SKX, Perte & Fracas

After the first two records , Volunteer confirms its progression. The trio goes to four with the recruitment of a second guitarist, Mark Sheppard. The sound wins immediately full. Less bitter, less serious and more in your face. Volunteer as a plus good idea to offer more juicy and carnivorous compositions, three titles are burning the body. The noise-rock-sludge is refined while becoming more powerful. View more complex like Walk wielding contrasts without denying trample. The new guitarist brings his blunders. Volunteer grows and puts the heat while still scare in homes. What also form a complementary split in all forms of noise indispensable to our eardrums of gourmets.

SKX, Perte & Fracas