Triple Eye Industries

A Noise Rock Record Label based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

6-song 12″ vinyl pressed by Merchant Vinyl Company. Includes digital download card.


  1. Faults and Failings
  2. No Longer, No Longer
  3. Reproach of Man
  4. Pull Down the Cross
  5. Wolves
  6. Earth as it’s Slowly Consumed by the Sun

Engineered and mixed by Eric Madl at Sound Encampment Studios, Menomonee Falls, WI
Co-engineered by Dave Iwinski
Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, Milwaukee, WI
Photography & Design by Mark Sheppard

All songs written and performed by Dead is Dead

5 test pressings
100 beer color vinyl

Dead is Dead

Constraints of Time

available formats: 12 inch
release date: September 22, 2017


This is well planned and deftly executed in its understatement. In reality, its not how heavy this album is, it’s actually how heavy it isn’t, if you get my drift. This power trio could have easily released the brakes and run full throttle over anything they had conceived musically. Yet, by holding themselves back, I get to actually hear the album, the music, and the gaps, so that when they rack it up a gear, it really hits home and makes a statement.

Dave Barnard

(translated) The honesty of Dead is Dead is admirable, they pointed with total precision to a specific point and they were right in all aspects, this is not a pretentious band that disguises itself of something that is not, after all, when you have so much experience Rodeo, the cowboy will stop taking unnecessary risks, dedicating himself to polishing those executions that have earned him more points. - 8/10

(translated) "Constraints of Time," Dead is Dead's newest record, is replete with a hypnotic density of repeated arrangements that create a harrowing but interesting environment.

It is also perceived a soft alternative footprint, of bands like Helmet and (the) Melvins , that brings a good differential to its Sludge / Doom Metal. Thus, we can expect a dissonant, chaotic and heavy scenario, but from where it is still possible to extract catchy melody.

"Constraints of Time" consists of six good moments, of which I can highlight "No Longer, No Longer" and "Blood on the Zero" "Wolves". Very cool! 8/10

Ricardo L. Costa

Ephemeral clean passages do little to soothe the abrasive angst-laden ire of their distorted counterparts. With barely a recurrent riff to be found, each minute harbours a mood of its own. From forlorn chordal marches similar to those on Adrift For Days‘ latest opus, to big beastly Baroness riffs of olde, “Earth As It’s Slowly Consumed By The Sun” brings all the nuance of proggy post-metal and smashes it together with huge heavy hooks that suck you in like quicksand. There’s even a reverberating bass/drum break mid-way through the track that will please fans of Russian Circles. Hit play below and get sucked in to this massive gravitational well.

Hands up those of you who remember Forstella Ford? If you’re presently sitting wherever you’re sitting with a hand stupidly pointing skyward, we should hang out sometime and furtively discuss all the musical selections we made and enjoyed in the ‘90s and ‘00s that would embarrass us in front of our metal friends. Mark and Nick Sheppard spearheaded Forstella Ford’s collision of angular hardcore, indie rock, post-punk and basement screamo for four albums and a number of EPs until calling it a day in 2005. The Sheppard brothers have resurfaced again, with the help of guitarist Eric Madl, in the form of Dead is Dead. Up until now, no one had ever accused drummer Mark and bassist Nick of sticking to a linear script whilst writing a song, but while you can always hear melody and ferocity battling it out in a Sheppard-penned composition, Dead is Dead comes from a more post-rock/metal background in which the direction is more straight forward with loud-quiet dynamics responsible for a rollercoaster ride and more tunnel vision than their previous band will ever be remembered for.

Kevin Stewart-Panko, Decibel Magazine

What it all boils down to is a solid, engrossing, dynamic debut effort. Despite the miss of “Wolves,” the other five songs present are all compelling and varied enough to keep me coming back when I want to bury myself in some thick, sludgy nastiness. The three epic tracks are definitely that, wading through the realms of doom, sludge, and even a bit of psych-stoner on the closer “Earth as it’s Slowly Consumed by the Sun,” all with the harsh post-metal underpinnings created by Neurosis. For fans of this kind of music, Dead Is Dead is a welcome addition to the family — and damned close to a 4.0 out of 5.0. Rating: 3.5/5.0