Triple Eye Industries

A Noise Rock Record Label based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Tron Jovi feat. Bad Graphics Ghost

programming & guitars by M. Defatte
lyrics & vocals by C. Jones
layout and design by M. Defatte
engineered & mixed at Guerrilla Digital, Milwaukee, WI
mastered by J. Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering

produced by Tron Jovi


  1. Applying Binary to Everyday Situations
  2. Naked on the Internet
  3. Undeserving of a Proper Title
  4. Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear.
  5. Let’s Get Physical
  6. My Heart (The Death Threat)

Guerrilla Ghost

Suicide Notes of the 21st Century

available formats: digital, CD
release date: April 21, 2017


While appealing to dalek’s more atmospheric conceits, Suicide Notes of the 21st Century more closely resembles the bile and edge of early horrorcore. I believe a notable artist recently namedropped Dr. Octagon in an Invisible Oranges feature not too long ago, to which this album bears a familial resemblance.

Invisible Oranges

Too much sexual content. Not intended for these innocent ears.

Cory von Bohlen, Halo of Flies / Protesant

On the group’s new EP, you can hear the combination of hip hop, dubstep, house, and metal, and that’s before you even get to the second track. “Suicide Notes Of The 21st Century” is somewhere in the middle of many Venn diagrams, and for music fans that also fall in that space, it will be received well.

Allen Halas, Breaking and Entering

Six tracks of Metal mangled Hip Hop / Rap and maybe that is all that can be endured – there are no segues or skits to break up the flow. It has more of an impact being only six tracks though and the listener is left with a feeling of having entered a universe of sarcasm loaded sentiment and biting satire which doesn’t compromise. This is definitely a release for those of you who don’t mind searching out Metal inflected artists who have something to say about the world and who can get beyond the high profile face of Rap. An exciting prospect for Chuck J and Martin Defatte to explore the distorted in the everyday media lauded trash we have become accustomed to. ( 7.5 / 10 )

Clive Hunter, Invicta Magazine

What the album gives you is seven pieces of hip-hop / rap and electronica / dub music with some rap metal data, but I would not say that it is part of metal music, mainly due to the absence of physical instruments. But we have a sharp flow from the rapper, who expresses through his rhymes his concerns with sarcastic and accusative mood. From behind, Defatte has made a urban background of samples, synths, wobblers and a very low end gripping glove available to Jones. Through a minimal musical approach, the verse and message of Guerrilla Ghost takes priority, and they make it easy to hear what they want to pass to the listener.

A great debut from this industrial hip hop duo. The songs are incredibly well formed and produced for a debut. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2018.

Craig Mertes, DJ at WMSE 91.7FM