Triple Eye Industries

A Noise Rock Record Label based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

5-song 7″ vinyl, pressed on random color, standard weight vinyl by United Record Pressing. Hand screen-printed cover. Includes digital download card*. Only 300 available.


  1. Comfy One
  2. nevernotfuckedup
  3. Riddle Giggle Gang
  4. Uptowner Girl
  5. Band Practice
  6. Envelope (bonus digital download)

Jay Linski: recorder and all other questionable content on “nevernotfuckedup”

All songs engineered and mixed by
Jay Linksi at The Borg Ward, Milwaukee, WI on October 18, 2014.
mastered by Justin Perkins for The Mystery Room Mastering
vinyl mastering by Dave Eck for Lucky Dave Lacquers
artwork by Francisco Ramirez for Bureau of Print Research and Design

300 on random color vinyl
5 test presses on green marble
* Digital download contains bonus Unwound cover, “Envelope.”

Soup Moat

Enjoy Your Hobbies

available formats: 7 inch, digital
release date: March 3, 2015


Soap Moat creates a musical style that combines the heaviness of sludge, the distortion of noise, the energy of punk rock and mixes it in with a touch of psychedelia and the melody of garage rock to create a sound of their own, the production sound s very raw yet heavy at the same time while the lyrics cover real life themes. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Uptowner Girl" and "Envelope". 8 out of 10.

Soup Moat’s latest, Enjoy Your Hobbies, is an erratic five-song (well, six, including digital bonus track “Envelope”) traipse through an assortment of sub-genres... ...By the time the brooding rock styling of aforementioned “Envelope” brings Hobbies home, Soup Moat has taken you all over the map (all in under 11 minutes, mind you). While you didn’t stay in any one place particularly long, you’ll enjoy the journey as a whole.

Tyler Maas,

Noise rawkin' 3 piece from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Soup Moat, blast through 5 fun, punk-sized bites of party sludge on their new 7" EP on Triple Eye Industries. All 5 songs clock in under 2 minutes...great for those of us with short attention spans.... So, uhh... What was I talking about again?

Oh well... Recommended if you're into Torche, Floor, Red Fang, Fang, Big Boys, Kylesa, Fear, rubber chickens, whoopie cushions and cheap beer.

...this band specializes in a kind of boozy, heavy, riffy camaraderie that sounds like it would be an insane amount of fun live - the kind of band you would want to see with your friends on a Friday night while doing semi-hardcore-informed jumping around in an impromptu pit, making insanely specific references to late-'90's WWF matches and shotgunning tallboys of Hamm's.

M. Martin, Sound Design & Assembly

In love with the fuzz, Soup Moat are a frighteningly lo-fi cross between Neurosis and Mudhoney, delving deep into the frantic territory of psychosis via grungy, heavily distorter guitars, atypical timings and demonic vocals.

Soup Moat are an awesomely unhinged band who clearly have no care for the accepted niceties of making music. With minimal concession to tunes (and/or tuning) the band experiment with a variety of genres, loosely tethering themselves to punk but owing more to the avant-garde antics of Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and the like. It’s an EP that will be loved by few, but those few will treasure it for its wonderful idiosyncrasies as the music industry continues to airbrush all the human elements of record making out of their artists.

Google translation: "'Enjoy Your Hobbies' is juxtaposed qualities that make this EP is a different disk as to get away from the conventions of the genres that address, using elements of all these styles to create songs that can go from hard formats assimilate at first hearing , compositions have much to do with the Hardcore and traditional Punk. So, Soup Moat like to move between swings, not stay lounging in a comfortable and safe place. And precisely that characterizes eta work: it is neither a comfortable nor safe drive. I mean, it's not an album for people looking to hear the same songs ever made by another band. Enjoy it, then."

Doubled-up, sometimes indecipherable screamed vocals, waves of sludgy, growling guitar and a thudding, powerful rhythm section ensure that Enjoy Your Hobbies, a 7” vinyl release from Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Soup Moat, is anything but dull. At the end of the day, I’m sure that listening to this brief disc would count among the hobbies I most enjoy. Still, even though it seems to more be the product of a band screwing around than trying to make a coherent release, Enjoy Your Hobbies has its moments. 6/10

Enter Soup Moat and this noisy record, which kicks off with a tune that definitely brings the above bass-heavy discordant punkers to mind, but then quickly goes off the rails into faster, more simple hardcore that bridges the gap between the old school and the new, with a stop over at some more noisey terrain in between. Like, some listening session where you just drink tons of coffee and crank up Minor Threat, Modern Life Is War, and Big Business back to back to back and remember why punk rock is great. Digital download includes a bonus Unwound cover, that band name alone cracking the secret code that leads to decades of interesting music generally unheard by longhairs, even if there are similarities to be found between say, Kerosene 454 and Bolt Thrower. Just kidding, but this EP is good regardless. 7.5/10

Greg Pratt,

Being passionate is one of the cornerstones of punk. Many bands find this passion in politics, doing or not doing drugs, or i a buildup of petty griefs. Soup Moat is one of those rare punk bands that put all of their passion into not giving a fuck. Heavy, weird, and twisting stoner-rock with major post-hardcore touches. Think F.Y.P., Rad Payoff, and Child Bite had a gross baby. The 7" included a hand stapled lyric book with doodles, sharpie stains, and pictures pasted from nature magazines. Put Soup Moat on your radar.

Nathan, No Friends zine