Triple Eye Industries

A Noise Rock Record Label based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Comes in a hand screen printed CD digipak made out of recycled board from Sooper Dooper in Madison, WI. Hand-numbered edition of 150.

Recorded live, without overdubbing, on April 1st of 2012 in their practice space in Milwaukee, WI.

Engineered by Martin Defatte
Mixed and Mastered by Justin Perkins at The Mystery Room, Milwaukee, WI

Layout by Martin Defatte for Guerrilla Digital


  1. Woodpusher
  2. Laika
  3. You Can Call Me Bruises
  4. Youth in Conflict with the Law

Stock Options

Ancient Bloom

available formats: digital, CD
release date: July 22, 2012


Really digging #milwaukee band Stock Options. Come for the instrumental Post-rock, stay for the sludge.


It’s a real breath of fresh air when you put yourselves into the hands of a band as committed to the details as Stock Options. Ancient Bloom may not be as digestible a release as some of the other landmark releases put out this year, but the level of craft here shows that we’re dealing with a band that’s just beginning to bloom. Here’s hoping that people are listening. 8/10