Triple Eye Industries

A Noise Rock Record Label based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

15-song 12″ vinyl pressed by Gotta Groove Records. Designed and Hand screen-printed cover by Bureau of Print Research & Design. Includes digital download card.


  1. This is Why
  2. Trust No One
  3. Waste of Time
  4. The Man
  5. Negative One
  6. Alarm Clock
  7. Dead Dick Fan Fic
  8. Ralph Ellison’s Revenge
  9. White Noise Generation
  10. God Hates The Mons
  11. No Puppet
  12. In My Room
  13. Silent Majority
  14. The Greatest Story Ever Told
  15. Party Down

Recorded and mixed by The Mons at Dirty Basement.
Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, Milwaukee, WI
Design by Francisco Ramirez at Bureau of Print Research and Design
Layout by Martin Defatte for Guerrilla Digital


All songs written and performed by THE MONS

5 test pressings
50 translucent orange w/ black splatter & orange screen-printed cover LABEL EXCLUSIVE
100 on translucent blue swirl & cyan screen-printed cover BAND EXCLUSIVE
150 on black & white screen-printed cover

The Mons

The Mons Trust No One

available formats: 12 inch, digital
release date: October 20, 2017


Trust No One is diverse enough over the 15 tracks that it keeps going strong, with the band suffering their own physical exhaustion instead of the listener feeling like s/he got caught in the gears of an ugly, repetitive machine. It’s good stuff that proves again how timeless a style of music can be without feeling like a band has to reinvent the wheel. 8/10


THE MONS from Chicago combine roguish-rugged punkrock with slanting jazzy HCs and twirl with only a few chords and riffs. The destructively nihilistic conglomerate approaches bands like MINUTEMEN, BLACK FLAG and DIE KREUZEN. Cumbersome and leaden, raging and out of control. With "God hates the Mons," the band shows off their metallic side, while "This is Why" picks the sound of the early Pitchfork, Rocket from the Crypt from San Diego before he sprints over the finish line at full speed. The sporadic order is determined by a concentrated and compressed sound. My fave is "The greatest story ever told" with a hypnotic dark riffing, which is very catchy here and imploded in a powerful-driven ambience.

Fred Spenner,

"It’s hard to sound legitimately pissed off in modern punk but The Mons make it seem super easy with their snarling vocals, mind-bending riffs & constant up-tempo pace. The lyrical content is dark & relevant such as on the amazingly named, Dead Dick Fan Fic. A song about Dick Cheney dying!" 8.5/10

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

Trust No One melds Dead Kennedys intensity with Black Flag‘s attack and Adolescents drive to create a hybrid that has a distinctly old school feel, almost every track flashes past in an instant before the next one kicks in at full throttle... ...The Mons have released an album that manages the recreate the intensity of the early American hardcore scene, the album also embraces a few metallic and later punk rock influences along the way, and as you’d expect from that decription this album is a little on the short side as all fifteen tracks are done and dusted in just over twenty minutes. 3/5

AJ Phink,

The Mons Trust No One is both relentless and punishing and doesn’t let up for the entirety of the album’s 22 minutes. While earlier offerings featured echoes of Buzzcocks-esque melodicism, The Mons Trust No One finds the band moving into even more aggressive and darker territory, drawing on the tension and aggression of acts like Die Kreuzen, Government Issue, BLAST! and early COC.

Steve Brain,

Trust No One is definitely a throwback to the early days of hardcore when it was more about speed and acceleration, than just mid-paced mosh parts. It is raging, fun and full of anger. What more could you ask for? 4 stars (out of 5)

New Noise Magazine

There's a great amount of musicality to go along with the extreme hate for Dick Cheney, Christianity, and many other things. They hate enough stuff that during the course of this record, you're going to I know those feels... There's nothing to complain about this record either outside or in, just remember it's a 45 RPM 12". Put your turntable back to 33 after you listen to it.

Nik Cameron, GlaciallyMusical