Triple Eye Industries

A Noise Rock Record Label based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

3-song 7″ vinyl, pressed on clear with white and blue smokey swirl vinyl at 45 RPM by United Record Pressing. Hand screen-printed cover. Includes digital download card. Only 300 available.


  1. Hammslamm
  2. Whitewash
  3. Packin’ a Rod (The Fiends cover)

vocals and guitar – Ben Roeske
bass – Jason Harris
drums – Adam Tatro

backup vocals on Packin’ a Rod by Debra Warren and Lara Tatro
additional guitars on Packin’ a Rod by Mitch Anderson
all songs by Them Teeth except Packin’ a Rod written by The Fiends
lyrics by Ben Roeske

recorded on February 7th, 2015 by Mitch Anderson at Black Circle Studios
mixed by Scott Evans at Antisleep Audio
mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering
vinyl mastering by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers
design by Francisco Ramirez at Bureau of Print Research and Design

In memory of Ralph Bowles

Them Teeth

The Knuckledragger

available formats: 7 inch, digital
release date: August 25, 2015


Them Teeth go through that line, with an omnipresent on pushing forward while the guitar strap riffs as if to tear down a dam, launches couplings and harmonies with the same ferocity, battery operated with an insane power and the voice spits bile in every fucking word spoken. Groove, heaviness, energy, honesty, desire to destroy everything, sound and emotional chaos emerging from the compositions comprising this fabulous 7" (translated by Google)

Puro Ruido Blog

There is nothing like a good sonic brawl to grab attention and get the blood rushing feverishly through the body, and that is exactly what you get with The Knuckledragger EP from US noise punks Them Teeth. The three track assault is an uncompromising and galvanic incitement for ears and emotions, one so potent that within a single listen it had permanently placed itself in The RR’s favourite violation list for 2015.

Translated from French:
A native of Michigan, Them Teeth released his first single current 2015. A group name whose translation escapes me or it's just a figure of speech to mean that trio will line their teeth. And indeed, the gums will bleed. It's heavy noise-rock, in the Pigs / Unsane line. Heaviness, hell and damnation. Three titles that are not in lace but that embellish without resistance any higher collection in big fat grain of connoisseurs of intoxication to which the elbow lifted no secrets. Title lighthouse Hammslamm with emphasis on the impenetrable groove that breaks in two, the thickness of the riff and the song of the winner that rips the air. B side, Whitewash also washes whiter and not be ashamed of the comparison to complete a key rock'n'roll with Packin 'A Rod , a very good cover of The Fiends, Californian punk rock group rages during the 80 History of them want to uncap a last beer. With the teeth of course to celebrate a great party group in life.

SKX, Perte & Fracas