Triple Eye Industries

A Noise Rock Record Label based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

9-song 12″ vinyl pressed by Gotta Groove Records. Designed and Hand screen-printed cover by Bureau of Print Research & Design. Includes digital download card.


  1. Clean
  2. Day Drinking
  3. Designer Life
  4. Halitosis
  5. Ode to an Old Man
  6. Cubano
  7. Human Cow
  8. Thyme
  9. Marrow

Recorded and mixed by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio, Chicago, IL
Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, Milwaukee, WI
Design by Francisco Ramirez at Bureau of Print Research and Design
Layout by Valerie Craig
Logo by Brett Miotti

All songs written and performed by War Brides

5 test pressings
56 clear w/ white splatter LABEL EXCLUSIVE
105 on opaque green BAND EXCLUSIVE
162 on black
18 on clear with pink pool and black splatter WAX MAGE EXCLUSIVE

War Brides


available formats: 12 inch, digital, CD
release date: April 28, 2017
co-released with:
  • Wax Mage Records


You take a heavy pinch of rock, a bite of binge, a noise and a very good voice. I must admit that WAR BRIDES have done really great work. In addition to a bold sound, the WAR BRIDES have incorporated very catchy melodies into the already quite heavy music, which leads to a perfect combination of melody and hardness. The guys have a very independent sound. The rebellious repertoire of the reefs is underpinned by the inimitable rhythm of the percussionist, who, with immense precision, intersperses the world's hottest drumming breaks. A Killersong that goes seamlessly into the next orgy. You listen to songs like "Halitosis", "Human Cow" and "Marrow" and you sing the things. Super disc, because the WARBRIDES have put an absolute hammer. To buy!

Break some household items while bobbing your head to War Bride’s razor-edge guitar riffs and Jesus Lizard-influenced yowls. Dig in below and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Regrets has nine blistering tracks to leave you out of breath. While it’s not all at 100mph, it starts with the angst-ridden vocal on the first track Clean backed by squalling guitar and crashing cymbals, despite all that’s going on it still manages a funk-type rhythm running through it to the end. This album definitely has a lot going on and at times feels like there are two bands playing here, the loud hardcore noise at the forefront bounding the insistent beat like a sledgehammer on your door with the rock band in the background giving the rhythm that makes it just that bit different from others. The vocals are hard hitting, in your face, aggressive and painful, at times in fact they feel like a distant cry for help, and other times it’s like a war cry coming to get you.

Kami Provan,

They focused so much that released the album quite decent. "Regrets" is a 9 tracks kept somewhere on the border between noise, post-hardcore and math rock, with the first component seems to be the least. "Pure" sounds we have, of course, not much outweigh dissonance, but a little lacking glitches, noise or other noises that hand on heart agree with those who describe the music as noise War Brides metal. I must admit that "Regrets" is a very even plate - broken rhythms, jarring guitars and throbbing bass pleasantly not let you get bored. - 4/6

Paul Drabarek,

Overall it's a pretty good record if you like grunge, and punk from previous decades, but for our taste, it's made short, so only 9 tracks leave you "with honey in your mouth" and you want to keep listening to this band.

Alvaro Castilla Medina

Today, we present War Brides, a band from the Windy City that mimics the sound of humanity collapsing in a heap of defeated misery. If you think you’re hearing a wall of sound somewhere between the Jesus Lizard, KEN Mode, Janitor Joe and Harkonen, then nope, your mind ain’t playing tricks on you.

Kevin Stewart-Panko, Decibel Magazine

Chicago bruisers War Brides raid the vaults of the noise rock greats to create a compellingly ugly debut LP in the shape of “Regrets”. It is a quick and dirty shot of addictive mayhem, channelling the nastiness of its influences to fine effect and offers hints of evolution into a stranger beast over the course of future releases.

Charlie Butler, The Sludgelord

As mentioned, the mix seems cleaner on this record, but it’s still a heavy experience. The guitars sound lush and pissed (ripping detailed notey riffs and thick chords alike), the bass is nicely overdriven (but not as crusty as on the last record). The drums are punchy and easily cut through the mix. The vocals sit a little down in the mix, but it suits them. This is a jagged album, in a good way. Fans of stuff like The Jesus Lizard, Botch, and Shellac won’t be disappointed. Check it out!

Jason, Supercorrupter

o War Brides are something totally different to what I have ever actually had the chance to listen too. It’s weird but in a good way where the vocals somehow meld to the instruments well which surprises me a lot. I honestly could not describe what the genre of these guys would be but I would be extremely interested to see what they sound like live because it’s something extremely unique. 7.5/10

Phil Walker,

More callbacks to that 90's era sound I love so much. It's noisey, gritty post-hardcore that is infinitely more Fugazi than Underoath. As much as I love both of those styles, I feel like I have more respect for this less-polished and more purely artistic aesthetic. I definitely hear allusions in the jangly guitars to everything from Daughters and These Arms Are Snakes to Converge's slower moments. 8/10

First real album of War Brides after Burden , mini-album that caused maxi damage. Regrets will provoke even more. Not regrets but damage, follow a little. To summarize the situation, the Chicago group evolves between Jesus Lizard, Hawks and Ken Mode. So there is room to mangle, fuse, post-hardcore fire and noise-rock, make a big bonfire of intense riffs, rhythmic ramblings back and forth and diabolical precisions.

Perte & Fracas

Angry, tortured, with several melodic outbursts. Dirty sound, simple but decisive drums, murderous bass lines and vocals that have swallowed two gravel constructions. Noise rock with all of it. With War Brides, the only sure thing is that you will not go badly. They're working fine. If you did not get the time when Unsane was the well-hidden secret in the 90's discothèques, the "Regrets" would be delightful.

Regrets is one hell of an grimy, yet awesome, ride. It honors the scuzzier sounds of their hometown, while retaining its own identity, making the band stand out from the pack. People who love it loud and weird, will find a lot to enjoy here. And maybe even people who just want something a little different from the standard loud rock, too. 4/5

Thomas Pizzola, New Noise Magazine

The mayhem continues unabated. You know how I said, before, that they must be really nice guys to make music so unequivocally nasty? Yes, War Brides must be saints at this point. Tracks like “Clean” and “Day Drinking” sound like Deadguy beating the Jesus Lizard to the punch in a gang stomping of Botch. I can’t imagine a band sounding much more violent, with the riffs forming crystalline structures that rain down like shards from a grenade in the percussive assault of the drums and bass.